EPI-NO childbirth and pelvic floor trainer

Childbirth is a unique and amazing experience

Preparing for the birth of your child is something which women all over the world care about and think about.

EPI-NO Delphine Plus is an innovative birth training device, available in the UK and Ireland.

Gentle stretching reduces risk

It can be used from any time during the pregnancy to exercise the pelvic floor muscles, but from 37 weeks the EPI-NO exercises enhance the function of the natural pregnancy hormone Relaxin to prepare the perineum with gentle stretching exercises, which reduces the risk of tearing or the need for an episiotomy during childbirth.

The human body performs to maximum efficiency in any physical activity when correctly trained and prepared. Childbirth is no exception

Dr Wilhelm Horkel, Starnberg Germany (EPI-NO inventor)

Customer reviews

“It was definitely worth purchasing. My sister told me that it would help prepare me for the birth of by 1st child and it surely did. Look forward to using it for my second!”

“I’m so happy I used the Epi-No. I didn’t need any stitches after child birth, and I felt it really helped me prepare my body and brain for the whole experience! I have recommended it to three friends already. I feel it really helped me have a very positive first child birth experience. Thank you!!!”

“Great product, wish more people knew about it.”

“I definitely think that using the Epi-No helped with a calm and successful delivery. We’re now expecting our second child and I’ll definitely be using the epi-no again.”

“My birth didn’t go to plan and I ended up having every drug under the sun, despite this I didn’t tear and I owe that to the EPI-NO. I would highly recommend this product to any expectant mothers.”

“I would highly recommend the Epi-No. I had an incredible birthing experience, all natural with no tearing. The Epi-No prepared me physically and mentally for the birth of my son. It was an incredible day I’ll never forget”

“My tear was minimal and didn’t need stitches so the Epi-No was definitely a good investment. Very happy I bought it”

“I’m sure I didn’t tear because I used the Epi-No. It also prepared me in how to direct pushing.”

“Every expectant mother should try Epi-No. I didn’t buy it for my first pregnancy as I was scared of the product but the second time I wanted to try and I had no tear. Thanks to Epi-No and hypnobirthing I had an amazing water birth”

“Apart from the obvious physical and physiological advantages, using EPI-NO really helped me mentally prepare for the birth of my baby and get rid of any possible fear or anxiety of tearing”

“Absolutely amazing, the midwife said she had never seen anything like it. My baby was delivered in 9 minutes, 3 big pushes and I didn’t even feel like I had had a baby within 2 days of giving birth”

“My baby was back to back, had her hand on her shoulder and weighed 9lbz 10oz. The midwife couldn’t believe I only had a minor tear which didn’t require stitches. She now routinely recommends it”

“I was terrified of having significant perineal trauma during birth. The Epi-No made me feel like I was actively trying to prevent this- like I had some control over the outcome. Pleased to have delivered my first baby with no tears!”

“The midwives at the birth centre said the Epi-No was great in helping with my birth. Not even a graze afterwards and they were amazed at how well it had worked for me. I would recommend it to anyone and a great product for childbirth. Thank you”

“Thank you I am sure that this is the reason I felt so confident with both my births which I was able to do at home with no tearing. It gave me the closest experience possible to delivery”

“The Epi-No is a great product. I Used for 3 childbirths and didn’t tear on any occasion. I used after childbirth to rebuild my muscles and would highly recommend to all women who are having babies. It is a must have product in my eyes. 5 stars”

It really works!

Thousands of women in the UK, and across the world, have successfully used Epi-No to help reduce the risk of tearing or the need for an episiotomy during childbirth.

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