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EPI-NO childbirth and pelvic floor trainer

Childbirth is a unique and amazing experience

Preparing for the birth of your child is something which women all over the world care about and think about.

EPI-NO Delphine Plus is an innovative birth training device, available in the UK and Ireland.

Gentle stretching reduces risk

It can be used from any time during the pregnancy to exercise the pelvic floor muscles, but from 37 weeks the EPI-NO exercises enhance the function of the natural pregnancy hormone Relaxin to prepare the perineum with gentle stretching exercises, which reduces the risk of tearing or the need for an episiotomy during childbirth.

The human body performs to maximum efficiency in any physical activity when correctly trained and prepared. Childbirth is no exception

Dr Wilhelm Horkel, Starnberg Germany (EPI-NO inventor)

It really works!

Thousands of women in the UK, and across the world, have successfully used Epi-No to help reduce the risk of tearing or the need for an episiotomy during childbirth.

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