Customer reviews

These are all genuine reviews and comments from Mums who have used Epi-No Delphine Plus.

“As a doctor myself, I’ve seen a lot of perineal tears and the effects that they have on women. For this reason, I decided to use the Epi-No. I found it very easy to use and used it every day. When I was in labour and had an epidural I was very worried I would tear but luckily was told that I had no tearing whatsoever and I can’t believe it was due to anything but the Epi-No. I also found that the use of the Epi-No in the build-up to the delivery helped prepare me for the sensation of giving birth and I think that definitely helped me as well. Couldn’t recommend the Epi-No more”

Debbie, Manchester

“I have no doubt that using Epi-No in the lead up to my labour helped me become accustomed to the type of pain I was due to experience so I could be more prepared for it. I had a very quick and trouble free labour and I believe my relaxed state of mind contributed to this thanks to the Epi-No. I have since recommended it to all pregnant friends.”

Holly, London

“Made me more prepared and aware of the stretching feeling to expect from childbirth, which I think was a key factor in me having such a good overall experience. Will be using for future births as well!”

Agathe, London

“It was definitely worth purchasing. My sister told me that it would help prepare me for the birth of by 1st child and it surely did. Look forward to using it for my second??”


“I’m so happy I used the Epi-No. I didn’t need any stitches after child birth, and I felt it really helped me prepare my body and brain for the whole experience! I have recommended it to three friends already. I used it every evening while listening to gentle birth meditation tracks and while there is no definite way of knowing, I feel it really helped me have a very positive first child birth experience. Thank you!!!!”

“I definitely think that using the Epi-No helped with a calm and successful delivery. We practiced hypnobirthing which strongly suggests perineal massage so we used the Epi-No as a way to do this. Our baby was delivered smoothly with only a few pushes and I only had a very small tear with a couple of stiches afterwards which was great. We’re now expecting our second child and I’ll definitely be using the Epi-No again.”

Claire, Leeds

“Even though I tore maybe it stopped me having an even worse tear. I found it popped out of my vagina when I used it and I found it quite uncomfortable when trying to increase the diameter gradually.”

Francesca, Sheffield

“Great product, wish more people knew about it.”

Sajini , London

“My birth didn’t go to plan and I ended up having every drug under the sun, despite this I didn’t tear and I owe that to the EPI-NO. I would highly recommend this product to any expectant mothers.”

“My baby was born “on the phone” and starting from a “back to back” position, despite this I had no tear and a completely pain free after birth: I could sit comfortably immediately after delivery with not even a feeling of discomfort. I am very happy I used Epi-No.”

Sara, London

“I loved this product and it really helped with my delivery. The only thing I hope you could improve is to make it easier to hold. When I was doing the perneal exercise, because the balloon has to expand, it’s very difficult to hold it in place. The tube was slippery and there is nothing else to hold on to. Would be great to add a handle or something to grip on. ”

“I would highly recommend the Epi-No. I had an incredible birthing experience, all natural with no tearing. The Epi-No prepared me physically and mentally for the birth of my son. It was an incredible day I’ll never forget ”

Ruth, Dublin

“I’ll never know whether using the EPI-NO made any difference to my birthing experience but my daughter was lying back to back and that only became apparent as she was delivered. I had 2 stitches for a small pocket tear but my perineum remained entirely in tact. I expect a combination of good midwifery and the EPI-NO exercises helped me come out the other side relatively unscathed! ”

Sophie, London

“Good quality”

Inga, London

“It’s pricy but totally worth it!”

Ana, London

“Post birth I saw a Physio and she was impressed at the strength of my Pelvic floor muscles which I attribute to the Epi-No and certainly helped in recovery. I had a complicated birth resulting from an undiagnosed condition effecting my babies skull however I trust that the Epi-No would have been immeasurably useful for normal or future delivery. It taught me how to relax the muscles as well as engage them and becoming accustomed to the sensation I think is very useful.”

Lucy, London

“The Epi-No increased my confidence about my ability to birth my child. I was fortunate to have a straight forward delivery with no tears and I recovered quickly. My previous birth wasn’t as straight forward and I believe that the Epi-No helped prevent perineal damage for my second baby. I wish I had known about it the first time round!”

Amy, Crowborough

“I was induced for my first child (I used the EPI-NO for the second only) and had an induction leading to forceps and an epiosotomy. This left me in a lot of pain with a painful scar which lasted until almost two years later when I started using the EPI-NO (and doing perineal massage) in preparation for my second child – which suddenly made the original pain go, meant I did not tear at all and meant that my post birth recovery was immediate. I attribute this to using the EPI-NO and also to doing perineal massage – which helped “fix” the scar tissue from the first birth as well as prepare my muscles for the second. I feel really strongly that I do not think post birth massage (using the EPI-NO or not) or pre birth preparation is encouraged enough.”

Sophie, London

“It seems expensive for what it is. However, I have been impressed with the customer service.”

“My tear was minimal and didn’t need stitches so the Epi-No was definitely a good investment. Very happy I bought it.”

Amanda, London

“I think it’s a great product and it helped me a lot with relaxation and mind body connection during use as well.”

“I’m sure I didn’t tear because I used the Epi-No. It also prepared me in how to direct pushing.”

“I think my tear would have been worse without using the Epi-No as my labour was extremely short at an hour.”

“I was induced for my first child (I used the EPI-NO for the second only) and had an induction leading to forceps and an epiosotomy. This left me in a lot of pain with a painful scar which lasted until almost two years later when I started using the EPI-NO (and doing perineal massage) in preparation for my second child – which suddenly made the original pain go, meant I did not tear at all and meant that my post birth recovery was immediate. I attribute this to using the EPI-NO and also to doing perineal massage – which helped “fix” the scar tissue from the first birth as well as prepare my muscles for the second. I feel really strongly that I do not think post birth massage (using the EPI-NO or not) or pre birth preparation is encouraged enough.”

Sophie, London

“I suffered a 3c year with my first child (vaginal delivery assisted with forceps) A botched episiotomy (the surgeon cut themselves instead of me) meant my baby was pulled from me before I was fully dilated. My recovery has taken 3 operations, extensive physio therapy and counselling. It nearly cost me my job and put a great deal of pressure on my marriage. The Epi-No was recommended by my consultant, it has helped improve my elasticity and confidence having intercourse (I used it without being pregnant) and when I fell pregnant with my second child I used it as advised. Despite having a caesarean this product helped me prepare for the eventuality that I may need to deliver vaginally. What an amazing product. I wish more women knew about it and used it. It is totally unnecessary for women to suffer like I did. If only organisations like the NCT educated parents in a more balanced way. I tell all expectant parent about this product. A huge thank you for those that have brought this to market.”

“Whilst expensive, it was worth the investment. Tearing was one of my greatest fears, but I believe that the use of the Epi-No minimised my trauma.”

Sarah, Haslemere

“I think the Epi-No was the reason that despite a ventouse delivery of my first baby at age 36 I didn’t need an episiotomy and only had a small grade 2 tear”

Helen, London

“Bloody brilliant! Would suggest that your marketing materials suggest using it alongside doing regular massage to stretch the skin as well.”

“I would like to share my experience as I want to help women who want to save their periumium from unnecessary and totally avoidable damage. I don’t know why some women feel so conservative about it, because when it comes to childbirth, nothing matters anymore! I just want to prevent being ripped or cut down there like murder and it doesn’t have to be that way. At first I was unsure whether it would work also the price put me off but there was really nothing else more logical than this or better guarantee. Using Epi-No is all about self control (I read a lot about it and watched 2 videos) so I gave it a shot.  I wanted a water birth but I couldn’t because my water broke. But I had the natural birth I wanted, with no pain relief (just gas and air at the very end) no tears no episiotomy and no instrumental birth equipments required. I went to the bathroom 2 hours after birth (did a number 1) and next morning (a number 2) with no problems.  I gave birth to my baby girl on Valentine’s day 14th Feb 2017. Her HC 35cm (diameter about 12cm). I started using Epi-No on 14th Jan very carefully so as not to tear myself. Sometimes I skipped days. There were some days with no improvement but I kept it up religiously. I only got up to 9.5cm and couldn’t get pass it. My water broke on 13 Feb at 3am. 24 hours later I was only 2cm dilated so I had syntosinon (they called it augmentation or hormone drip) started at 6am 14th Feb. I started pushing around 9:30am. Alicia came out at 12:14. When she crowned my midwife actually held her head back in for probably 2 more contractions and told me try not to push which I think also helped my periumium time to stretch. Then she let her hand go and told me to really push and then she came out. The midwife examined me right after my placenta came out and gave all clear. She said I would have teared if it wasn’t for the Epi-No. So I’m very happy with it and will use it again for my second baby. ”

“I would definitely recommend this product. It was a bit strange to use at first, but once you get used to it, you will love it. Both functions the pelvic floor trainer and the stretching – only used the pelvic floor trainer from 37 weeks but wished i had used it sooner. I recommend it now to all my friends!”

Sam, London

“Every expectant mother should try Epi-No. I didn’t buy it for my first pregnancy as I was scared of the product but the second time I wanted to try and I had no tear. Thanks to Epi-No and hypnobirthing I had an amazing water birth.”

Sabrina, London

“I think it helped a lot with stretching and minimising tearing. I was unlucky to have a upper tear but think perennial tear would have been lot worse and Epi-No for sure stopped this from happening.”

Sev, London

“I felt a lot better prepared for childbirth knowing that I could somewhat have control over my body in some way prior by preparing for it using the Epi-No. In the end I needed an emergency c section, but it was a 48 hour labour, with lots of midwives prodding at me and also three failed venteuse suction attempts. I feel that perhaps I did not need to get cut for the venteuse because of my preparation attempts to stretch the perinium using Epi-No. I would highly recommend the product and bought one for my cousin who was pregnant at the same time as me.”

“Apart from the obvious physical and physiological advantages, using EPI-NO really helped me mentally prepare for the birth of my baby and get rid of any possible fear or anxiety of tearing.”

Sole, London

“I’m not sure if the Epi-No helped, but I had a fast, straight forward labour, epidural then episiotomy. So would definitely recommend the Epi-No. I can definitely say it helped me find my pelvic floor muscles after birth.”

Marianna, London

“The product was great for removing a lot of my fear about the birth. The training proved to me that it was something I could handle. In the end I did need an episiotomy but I think this was due to an overfull bladder that was missed until the last moment. I am very glad I bought the Epi-No.”

Ruth, London

“Absolutely amazing, the midwife said she had never seen anything like it. My baby was delivered in 9 minutes, 3 big pushes and I didn’t even feel like I had had a baby within 2 days of giving birth.”

Jodie, London

“Amazing when using hypno birthing. Very few irish people are aware of this product. We need to see more info on this in Ireland”

Alison, Offaly

“Great product! It is annoying to use / i was not sure if I did it right but it does the job and I recommend it to prep yourself for childbirth.”

“I had an epidural and laboured on all fours. It went well and there was no tearing. I felt that the device helped me stretch and get a feel for how to relax.”

Amy, Aberdeen

“My baby was back to back, had her hand on her shoulder and weighed 9lbz 10oz. The midwife couldn’t believe I only had a minor tear which didn’t require stitches. She now routinely recommends it”

Holly, Northampton

“No tears or stitches required and the easiest part of the entire pregnancy was delivering the baby. When it came to pushing, I felt happy and confident that I could easily give birth. My body recognized the feeling of my pelvic muscles being stretched as the baby’s head moved down, and I was able to relax and enjoy the whole experience of the baby moving through my birth canal and out, safely into my husbands waiting hands. I wish every female giving birth had the experience of the Epi-No!”

Vikki, Sterling

“I was terrified of having significant perineal trauma during birth. The Epi-No made me feel like I was actively trying to prevent this- like I had some control over the outcome. Pleased to have delivered my first baby with no tears!”

Gianna, Slough

“Great for pelvic floor exercises”

“The midwives at the birth centre said the Epi-No was great in helping with my birth. Not even a graze afterwards and they were amazed at how well it had worked for me. I would recommend it to anyone and a great product for childbirth. Thank you.”


“Great to get psychologically prepared! I never got to reach the 10cm but each day a bit more, which was very encouraging and reassuring for the big day, when I arrived confident that my body could stretched as I already done it (it was my first delivery). Not designed for post delivery exercising when you teared though”


“This product is amazing, it made me feel in control of my body and gave me a lot of confidence, by using it I felt like I already knew how the birth was going to be like. I will recommend it to every pregnant woman I ever meet. It is a shame it is not more know as it can definitely help women be more in control of their birth experience.”

Marjane, London

“Very helpful rep who managed to post it quickly to miss the bank holiday. Very informative over the phone. Product was unknown to me before a friend recommended and was a perfect product along with hypnobirthing for a perfect birth”

“I was petrified of giving birth after having my daughter & remembering that ‘crowning’ feeling so I bought the Epi-No for reassurance. Once I started using it I felt so much better about giving birth & stopped worrying. I had a water birth with no tearing! Would highly recommend for new mums to be or those who are dreading giving birth again.”

Lianne, Essex

“Thank you I am sure that this is the reason I felt so confident with both my births which I was able to do at home with no tearing It gave me the closest experience possible to delivery”

Jennie, London

“Thanks to Epi-No my third delivery went much easier, quicker and without any tears.”

Nathalie, London

“I would highly recommend the Epi-No. It made me feel so much more confident about giving birth, and I believe it contributed to a very straightforward delivery with barely a graze. The midwife was really pleased with the birth and the recover and – she said she could tell that I’d prepared with the Epi-No and that she recommends it to everyone.”

Caro, London

“My baby was 8 lb 10 and came out compound (hand above head) which i think was the reason for tearing. I am sure the epino minimised the damage”

Lottie, London

“I was 9cm dilated, my obstetrician said I would be ready in an hour and it looked like it would be an easy birth, unfortunately I got a fever, babies shoulder got stuck and her heart rate increased rapidly. They prepared me for a caesarean but when we went into the theatre my doctor decided to try and deliver her with forceps. He was successful. I truly believe that if I was not dilated 9cm he would of had to operate and I believe the only reason why i managed to dilate so much was from the help of Epi-no as i am very petit. My episiotomy was very small i think around 1cm. Thanks for an amazing product I will definitely use it f we choose to have another baby and will recommend it to all!”

M, London

“Delivery was excellent. It has really helped me strengthen my pelvic floor muscles which was really helpful even though I had an emergency c section. The babies weight on my pelvic floor towards the end of pregnancy (10lb 14oz!!) was huge but I felt I had control before and after for spending 10 mins a day doing the exercises. Really helpful equipment.”

Rosie, London

“My obstetrician commented on how stretchy my perineum was, which was why she did not perform an episiotomy; I tore anteriorally, I.e. The Epi-No did its job, it’s just unfortunate that my baby was lying transverse and would turn to come out, necessitating a forceps delivery. Otherwise I’m sure I would not have torn at all!”

“The Epi-No is a great product. I Used for 3 childbirths and didn’t tear on any occasion. I used after childbirth to rebuild my muscles and would highly recommend to all women who are having babies. It is a must have product in my eyes. 5 stars”

Joanna, Northampton

“love, love, love!”