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These are just a few of the many positive, genuine reviews and comments we get every day from Mums who have used Epi-No Delphine Plus.

Let’s start with reviews from clinical professionals…

I think the EPI-NO is absolutely genius and a total game-changer for women.

I’ll be completely honest, I committed to using the epi no every day from when it arrived to exercise my pelvic floor and as recommended as things got nearer I started to do the proper training. When I started I was only able to manage 2-3cm but I persevered and with just under 2 weeks I was already at 9.5cm. I was in shock.

EPI-NO made it easy to do this. I found that as the days went on I grew in confidence about the delivery and whilst I had previously been incredibly anxious, I found myself looking forward to seeing what I could achieve.

Even though I didn’t enjoy practising with the EPI-NO, I made time every night to do my training. After all, you wouldn’t run a marathon without training first.

At 39+4 I had to be induced but throughout my induction, I focused on my hypnobirthing techniques and what I had learned from Epi no. As I felt the pressure building, I could tell that I must be getting closer to delivering as I began to feel that familiar “Epi no” feeling.

Despite a very long induction initially, after only 3 hours of syntocin I was fully dilated. When I was (finally) fully dilated, I was given an hour of passive descent. I used this time and myEPI-NO practice to try and relax my pelvic floor as much as I could to aid in the descent of my baby through the birth canal.

After an hour it was time to push, unfortunately, my little one was in some distress, so we needed to get the show on the road. Using the skills and confidence gained from using the EPI-NO I pushed my little boy out in 15 minutes. It was like my body knew exactly what to do because I had practised it all before with my EPI-NO.

My little son was born that morning at 6:40! I was amazed to find that despite an accelerated pushing phase and being a primup I only had a grade one graze! All I needed was one stitch. Within an hour I was up and walking around, back to myself. I felt that the epi no training also helped in my post-birth recovery. My pain was very minimal and I was back to myself within hours of the delivery!

Since using EPI-NO, I can’t stop recommending it to pregnant friends and patients as I truly think it’s an absolutely wonderful device!

Thank you so much!

Laura Hughes
GP, Ireland

I wanted to let you know I had a normal vaginal delivery at home on with an intact perineum and vagina. My baby girl weighed 8lb 11ozs!

 As a midwife myself I will 1000% be recommending the Epi-no to women I see

 Many thanks for the support you provide too it was great to have answers back so quickly.

Ella, Surrey


As a specialty doctor in maternity, I’ve had positive experiences delivering babies with minimal trauma after their mums had used the Epi-No.

I opted to use this device not only because of the reports of reduced birth trauma, but also that it was associated with a shorter second stage of labour. Prolonged second stage is a common reason for requiring instrumental delivery.

Following my induction of labour at 38 weeks I had a successful vaginal delivery with no perineal trauma, a short second stage and avoided an instrumental delivery. Not only did I have a very positive birth experience, but I recovered fully and very quickly. Special thanks to the excellent team of midwives taking care of me, but I am certain the Epi-No also had a role in helping achieve this. Lizzie – London

Lizzie, London

Speciality Doctor in maternity

My birth didn’t go to plan and I ended up having every drug under the sun, despite this I didn’t tear and I owe that to the EPI-NO.

I would highly recommend this product to any expectant mothers.

New Mum, London

Made me more prepared and aware of the stretching feeling to expect from childbirth, which I think was a key factor in me having such a good overall experience. Will be using for future births as well!
Agathe, London

I would highly recommend the Epi-No. I had an incredible birthing experience, all-natural with no tearing. The Epi-No prepared me physically and mentally for the birth of my son.

It was an incredible day I’ll never forget.

Ruth, Dublin

As a doctor myself, I’ve seen a lot of perineal tears and the effects that they have on women. For this reason, I decided to use the Epi-No. I found it very easy to use and used it every day.

When I was in labour and had an epidural I was very worried I would tear but luckily was told that I had no tearing whatsoever and I can’t believe it was due to anything but the Epi-No. I also found that the use of the Epi-No in the build-up to the delivery helped prepare me for the sensation of giving birth and I think that definitely helped me as well.

Couldn’t recommend the Epi-No more.

Debbie, Manchester

I have no doubt that using Epi-No in the lead up to my labour helped me become accustomed to the type of pain I was due to experience so I could be more prepared for it. I had a very quick and trouble-free labour and I believe my relaxed state of mind contributed to this thanks to the Epi-No. I have since recommended it to all pregnant friends.
Holly, London

I’m so happy I used the Epi-No. I didn’t need any stitches after child birth, and I felt it really helped me prepare my body and brain for the whole experience! I have recommended it to three friends already. I used it every evening while listening to gentle birth meditation tracks and while there is no definite way of knowing, I feel it really helped me have a very positive first child birth experience.

Thank you!!!!

New Mum, Woking

 I definitely think that using the Epi-No helped with a calm and successful delivery. We practised hypnobirthing which strongly suggests perineal massage so we used the Epi-No as a way to do this. Our baby was delivered smoothly with only a few pushes and I only had a very small tear with a couple of stitches afterwards which was great.

We’re now expecting our second child and I’ll definitely be using the Epi-No again.

Claire, Leeds

I’ll never know whether using the EPI-NO made any difference to my birthing experience but my daughter was lying back to back and that only became apparent as she was delivered. I had 2 stitches for a small pocket tear but my perineum remained entirely intact. I expect a combination of good midwifery and the EPI-NO exercises helped me come out the other side relatively unscathed! 

Sophie, London

I was induced for my first child (I used the EPI-NO for the second only) and had an induction leading to forceps and an episiotomy. This left me in a lot of pain with a painful scar which lasted until almost two years later when I started using the EPI-NO (and doing perineal massage) in preparation for my second child, which suddenly made the original pain go, meant I did not tear at all and meant that my post-birth recovery was immediate.

I attribute this to using the EPI-NO and also to doing perineal massage – which helped ‘fix’ the scar tissue from the first birth as well as prepare my muscles for the second.

I feel really strongly that post-birth massage (using the EPI-NO or not) and pre-birth preparation is not encouraged enough and it should be!

Sophia, London

Post-birth I saw a Physio and she was impressed at the strength of my Pelvic floor muscles which I attribute to the Epi-No and certainly helped in recovery. I had a complicated birth resulting from an undiagnosed condition affecting my babies skull however I trust that the Epi-No would have been immeasurably useful for normal or future delivery.

It taught me how to relax the muscles as well as engage them and becoming accustomed to the sensation I think is very useful.

Lucy, London

The Epi-No increased my confidence in my ability to birth my child. I was fortunate to have a straight forward delivery with no tears and I recovered quickly.

My previous birth wasn’t as straight forward and I believe that the Epi-No helped prevent perineal damage for my second baby. I wish I had known about it the first time round!

Amy, Crowborough

My baby was born ‘on the phone’ and starting from a “back to back” position, despite this I had no tear and a completely pain-free after birth. I could sit comfortably immediately after delivery with not even a feeling of discomfort.

I am very happy I used the Epi-No

Sara, London

I loved this product and it really helped with my delivery. The only thing I hope you could improve is to make it easier to hold. When I was doing the perineal massage exercise, because the balloon has to expand, it’s a little difficult to hold it in place. Would be great to maybe add a handle or something to grip on.

New Mum, Suffolk

My obstetrician commented on how stretchy my perineum was, which was why she did not perform an episiotomy. I had an anterior tear i.e. The Epi-No did its job, it’s just unfortunate that my baby was lying transverse and wouldn’t turn to come out, necessitating a forceps delivery. Otherwise I’m sure I would not have torn at all!

New Mum, Suffolk

I think it’s a great product and it helped me a lot with relaxation and mind-body connection during use as well.

New Mum, Norfolk

I’m sure I didn’t tear because I used the Epi-No. It also prepared me in how to direct pushing.

New Mum, London

I think it’s a great product and it helped me a lot with relaxation and mind-body connection during use as well.

New Mum, Norfolk

I suffered a 3rd-degree tear with my first child (vaginal delivery assisted with forceps), a botched episiotomy (the surgeon cut themselves instead of me) meant my baby was pulled from me before I was fully dilated. My recovery has taken 3 operations, extensive physiotherapy and counselling.

It nearly cost me my job and put a great deal of pressure on my marriage. The Epi-No was recommended by my consultant, it has helped improve my elasticity and confidence having intercourse (I used it without being pregnant) and when I fell pregnant with my second child I used it as advised.

Despite having a caesarean this product helped me prepare for the eventuality that I may need to deliver vaginally. What an amazing product. I wish more women knew about it and used it. It is totally unnecessary for women to suffer as I did. If only organisations like the NCT educated parents in a more balanced way. I tell all expectant parents about this product.

A huge thank you for those that have brought this to market.

New Mum, London

It seems expensive for what it is. However, I have been impressed with the customer service.

My tear was minimal and didn’t need stitches so the Epi-No was definitely a good investment. Very happy I bought it.

Amanda, London

Whilst expensive, it was worth the investment. Tearing was one of my greatest fears, but I believe that the use of the Epi-No minimised my trauma.

Sarah, Haslemere

Thank you I am sure that this is the reason I felt so confident with both my births which I was able to do at home with no tearing It gave me the closest experience possible to delivery.

Jennie, London

I would like to share my experience as I want to help women who want the best chance to save their perineum from unnecessary damage.

I don’t know why some women feel so conservative about it, because when it comes to childbirth, nothing matters more! I just want to prevent being ripped or cut down there and it doesn’t have to be that way.

At first, I was unsure whether it would work, also the price put me off but there was really nothing else more logical than this or a better guarantee. Using Epi-No is all about self-control (I read a lot about it and watched 2 videos) so I gave it a shot. I wanted a water birth but I couldn’t because my water broke. But I had the natural birth I wanted, with no pain relief (just gas and air at the very end) no tears, no episiotomy and no instrumental birth equipment required.

I started using the Epi-No on 14 Jan and some days I didn’t see any improvement but I kept it up religiously. I only got up to 9.5cm and couldn’t get past it. I gave birth to my baby girl, Alicia, on Valentine’s day 14th Feb 2017. Her HC 35cm (diameter about 12cm). The midwife examined me right after my placenta came out and gave me the all-clear.

She said I would have definitely torn if I hadn’t used the Epi-No. So I’m very happy with it and will use it again for my second baby. 

Rebecca, York

Proven benefits for both mother and baby

Using the EPI-NO from 37 weeks has proven to reduce tearing by up to 42%

Find out more about the EPI-NO and how you and your baby could benefit today

Proven benefits for both mother and baby

Using the EPI-NO from 37 weeks has proven to reduce tearing by up to 42%

Find out more about the EPI-NO and how you and your baby could benefit today