• Anti Stretch Butter

    £13.75 inc VAT
    This gorgeous body butter melts on contact with skin and absorbs quickly: SHEA BUTTER, AVOCADO oil and ROSEHIP SEED oil with Essential oils of LAVENDER, MANDARIN, NEROLI and FRANKINCENSE work synergistically to improve skin elasticity, aid skin cell regeneration, and can improve the appearance of stretch marks and scar tissue. The blend smells heavenly and leaves your skin feeling velvety smooth and supple.
  • EPI-NO Delphine Plus

    £99.99 inc VAT
    EPI-NO Delphine Plus is a Childbirth and Pelvic Floor Trainer used to prepare the perineum, and reduce the risk of tears, and episiotomy during a vaginal birth. Clinical studies have shown a link between perineal injuries during childbirth, the risk of incontinence, and sexual health. EPI-NO offers women considering Caesarean Section another option. EPI-NO can be used during pregnancy to strengthen the Pelvic Floor Muscles (exercising) prior to commencing Childbirth Training (preparing the perineum) after Week 36. EPI-NO is clinically proven to significantly increase the chances of an intact perineum, increases control during delivery, and is more effective than perineal massage.
  • Labour Massage Oil

    £10.75 inc VAT
    A supportive and relaxing blend for use in the early stages of labour, with sweet almond oil and pure essential oils of clary sage, jasmine and bergamot.
  • Perineal Massage Oil

    £19.99 inc VAT
    This Perineal massage Oil can be used at any time, to help massage you perineum. It particularly effective when used after the Epi-No Delphine Plus.
  • Prenatal Anti-stretch Oil

    £12.00£18.50 inc VAT
    A Prenatal Anti-Strech Oil made with wonderfully smelling essential Oils. You can keep skin supple and elastic (whether or not you are pregnant) by massaging regularly with this rich and nourishing blend of SWEET ALMOND, AVOCADO, ROSEHIP SEED and CENTELLA oils with a heavenly aromatic and skin regenerating blend of MANDARIN, NEROLI, FRANKINCENSE and LAVENDER essential oils. Available in both 60ml and 100ml sizes
  • Prenatal Leg Refresher

    £10.00 inc VAT
    Instant refreshment and relief for your poor tired, aching legs and feet (so common during pregnancy). ALOE VERA is deliciously refreshing, cooling and soothing and the essential oil blend of CYPRESS, LEMON and GERANIUM is astringent and helps circulation.